The Clear and Connected Mom

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The Clear and Connected Mom
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You'll Discover ... 

  • How to lose the thoughts that keep you trapped in the spin cycle of worry and instead experience clarity, peace, and flow  
  • My top secrets to releasing judgement so you can tune into your deep mom wisdom 
  • Key signs that you are allowing supermom syndrome to make you feel unclear, uncertain, or trapped 
  • My top strategies for remaining calm and centered even as you challenge society’s expectations. 

During the Clear & Connected Mom Experience I’ll guide you LIVE through strategies that I have used to:

  • Give one of my teenagers space to rebel against family events and now, 4 years later, he will gladly re-arrange his schedule to spend time with family.
  • Support one of my teenagers to become a professional freestyle skier, even when no-one else around me thought it was practical (..including me...)
  • To support one of my teenager’s transition from assigned female at birth to the male gender he now associates with.

Each day you will walk away feeling more free! It's your time!

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